Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis refers to the procedure of collecting, classifying and assessing of the data that is being send by an organization for its operations. It can also be said in this respect that it is a methodical approach adopted by the business organizations to track it’s spend amount.

For the efficient managing of the finances of an industrial or business organization it is necessary to have a clear, detail and correct spend visibility. A Spend analysis approach is vital for organization enterprises as it helps them to strategically plan the capital that needs to be spent for smooth workflow process, improved performance and delivery of excellent solutions.

The team members of Maketick offer its customers valuable information on strategic spending patterns. Our solutions are based on detail analysis of the market and customer requirement. We also give importance to strategic sourcing, savings procedure apart from well defined capital management. Apart from these other necessary factors are also taken in to consideration.

Our services are provided at a a competitive rate.

Spend Analysis Features:

  • Automatic extraction and transformation of spend data
  • Tools for managing efficiently the business objectives
  • Recognition of multi-lingual data
  • Simple and fast updates to the classification models
  • Simple standard of reporting
  • Insight into the global market intelligence


  • Coalition of the activities with the business objectives
  • Accelerating the identification of the opportunities related to savings
  • Detail and correct view of the spend amount
  • Global spend visibility
  • Integration of the spend data with the market information
  • Rationalization of the supply base
  • Recognizing and addressing of the supply risk
  • Reduction of the maverick spending
  • Decrease in the part proliferation
  • Supervision of the supplier performance
  • Improve in the forecast, budget and delivery
  • Improve in purchase efficiency
  • Improve in negotiation for better terms and price
  • Consolidation of purchase as well as leveraging of it
  • Very high rate of adoption
  • Prevents profit pilferage

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