Process and Frameworks

For quite a time now, Maketick has been the Outsourced Product Development partner to many software industry leaders, and also for many budding organizations. We have gradually improved to make an identity in the field of outsourced development. We have been deeply into the business of lending support to our ISV and enterprise customers so as to generate revenues and market share as well as establishing the brand.

Process And Frameworks

We have aided hundreds of customers with numerous software releases that have really turned out to be beneficial. When we are asked to solve a problem regarding product development, this is what we do. Firstly, we make the tools and frameworks that would require for delivering a high-quality release.

And at the end of the project, many of these tools pass through further stringent development and testing so as to make sure that they are flexible enough in variable situations. After ensuring these tools, they are made usable for future projects. Microsoft Enterprise Software provides wider scope to the clients to imply something different to their business and this creates a challenging environment for Maketick.

They can be as simple as a sequential number generator, or a complex as a bi-directional, transaction-based connector between Enterprise Application Software. These frameworks and Processes are highly approved by our customers as it reduces the marketing time and lower the price.

All other frameworks and Processes are acquired while working with third party platforms. For example, numerous software suppliers and organizations are thinking about a move to the Cloud, or a SaaS-based platform. As we have helped our clients on the Oracle Platform for SaaSTM, the Microsoft Azure PlatformTM, the Amazon PlatformTM, and's PlatformTM, we are sure that our customer understand the importance of tradeoffs and ascertains a successful migration.

Having developed service platforms for clients, we also realize how moving to the Cloud is more than a technology or delivery challenge – it is in broader sense a business challenge. From billing and metering, to application connectivity, Maketick realizes the business affect, as well as perils.

Both our Telecom and Life Sciences practice have developed large number of frameworks and processes in these domains in addition to Cloud computing Saas.