End to End Security

Maketick Inc. understands, out of its extensive experience in handling the challenges of new age technology consulting that producing quality results in a timely manner is not enough, unless the security parameters are maintained. Providing quality consultation and managing the increasingly complex information technology framework impose several complications, especially for an organization that has expended its reach from telecommunication industry to media and entertainment, from banking and financial domain to travel and hospitality.

We at Maketick Inc. are ready to deal with the multivarious levels of challenges effectively. Empowered by a group of highly talented and experienced professionals, we come up with personalized measures that meet changing demands of the situation.

Considering the types of security services that our clients would expect from us, we have introduced an array of services that addresses the demand in a comprehensive and industry-specific manner. Here follows an overview of security services we deliver:

  • Product Development Security: While developing a product or an application, Maketick adds commendable security measures in each phase of the product’s lifecycle. In this way, we successfully complement the vulnerabilities that could have been exploited.
  • Web Application Security: Maketick deploys some of the most advanced technological measures that analyze the vulnerabilities of a web application. Accordingly our team of experts work on those loops and eliminate them accordingly, so that our clients enjoy benefits of the web application, minus the threat of critical information getting disclosed.
  • Security Consulting/Assessment: At Maketick, we understand that as a network continues to expand, it is highly likely that it will become unable to perform up to the optimal level. During this time the chance of a network, becoming vulnerable to threats is the most. To avert such risks, we provide specialized consulting and assessment services.
  • Cloud security: Cloud platform, though is considered one of the most efficient mediums for delivering output and helping customers in dealing with IT management in a more efficient manner, however, security remains one of the major drawbacks is successful implementation of the platform. Maketick introduces the latest strategic and technological measures uphold data security and integrity but not at the cost of compliance and compatibility.
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC): Maketick has prepared the GRC platform with the ambition to deliver our clients with the insight for apt resource allocation, risk mitigation and dealing with the newly evolving challenges, related to compliance.
  • Enterprise Directory Hardening: While many of our competitors strive to maintain, manage and deliver flawless solutions to data security, data integrity, availability and confidentiality, at Maketick we attain this objective easily through our Enterprise Directory Hardening. By deploying this system, we prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized use of valuable data and the possibility of service disruption.

To find out more about personalized solution on security measures that Maketick Inc. has kept ready for your benefit, contact us at info@maketick.com.