Maketick Inc. has developed its very own approach client-centric approach and has enriched the same through years of experience in handling software industry leaders across the globe.

Maketick also provides personalized attention to the requirements of small and mid-scale enterprises. We not only work as outsourced product development partner for our clients but also by capitalizing on our expertise and experience we have created out niche in this competitive global environment as a renowned and reliable Independent Software Vendor.

The approach that Maketick follows is also aimed at making our services and offerings more affordable, compared to what other competitors have to offer. The strategic approaches that Maketick Inc. has developed and makes it a point to implement in every stage of product development, customer support and serviceability to make sure that clients receive the niche quality products, leveraging their performance output.

Here follows an overview of the approach that Maketick follows while catering the services:

  • Flexible Engagement Models: Our models of serviceability and client assistance that helps retaining clients’ trust, confidence and assurance for long-term professional relationship – and in this way, the goal of mutual growth is attained.
  • Process and Frameworks: The process and framework for quality output we follow at Maketick is aimed at complementing flexible engagement models, our independent software vendors, developing and upgrading enterprise software application for clients and finally, improving our reputation as a brand in the respective field of operation.
  • Agile & Innovative Process: At Maketick, we believe that professional approach and serviceability become the carriers of growth only when they are complemented accordingly by agility and innovation. Agile product development, for this reason, is an integral component of our overall approach.
  • Spend Analysis: Spend analysis is an important wing of the Maketick approach. Opting for our spend analysis makes methodical management of your organization’s finance and expenditure easy.
  • Product Sustenance Partnership: Experience and enjoy the benefits of product sustenance partnership with Maketick. This feature is one of the most important pillars of our approach and helps you managing the product/software life cycle easily.

To get an in-depth understanding about our approach and the way we cater our approach to ensure the best interest of our clients, please contact us or mail us at