Android Phones Hit by Malware

Smartphone and mobile devices, within a few years has made its effect felt worldwide and it dominates the application devices market. The term “apps”, a short form for “applications”, adverts to the short minuscule programs, which can be downloaded at a nominal price or for free to convert the tablets as well as the smartphones into interesting devices for the playing of exciting and interesting games as well as into resourceful information.

Android Malware

It is important to note that the cyber criminals have taken only a year to develop application malware programs that are of a threat to the mobile security. There is enough reason for worry for the firms dedicated to the security of the smartphones as serious threats to the Andriod phones from Malware is on an increase. Andriod phones are more prone to malware attacks for the reason that that the application stores of the Android mobile devices phones always remain in an open mode.

According to Shantanu Ghosh, the Vice President for the Symantec’s India Product Operations, “Android phones are now drawing crooks’ attention. It is easier to launch malware on Android. In most cases, the phones are being compromised by installation of certain applications that exploit the vulnerabilities,” .

Shantanu Ghosh also made the statement that “Apple’s iPhone too has an app store but the applications that are available on the store are put through a stringent evaluation and it is a closed eco-system. In the case of Android, the eco-system is open and there are multiple app stores. That is precisely why the incidence of malware is high on Android phones,”.

According to a security analyst of a security solutions company of Hyderabad, “A map application with malware is more dangerous. It provides the exact location of the phone- user and it is a great threat to the phone-user as a person. Similarly, there are malware in the guise of applications that track other forms of data, including mobile banking and the contacts list,” .

The individuals who are responsible for this scam, makes great efforts to make the users believe that SMS Privato Spy does exits, although in reality it does not have any existence. Shantanu Ghosh said in this respect that, “This isn’t the first time we’ve seen scammers scamming other nefarious characters. But it is the first time that a scam is centered on mobile devices,”.

The discovery of the bad applications would not be a solution to this problem, as it is a tough job to uninstall the dangerous malwares and it is important to note that the attackers parcel the evil code.

A few of the Android Mobile Threats are:

Android Adrd:

It is known to be the first Trojan horse for the Android whose prime purpose is the manipulation of the search engine. The creator of this threat has chosen the popular apps for the delivery of the unwanted evil content. The threat attack registers itself in a way, so that it is able to run itself at the boot time. The Andriod.Adrd also registers its own self when the re a change in the settings of the network connectivity.


The users usually download this on the basis of the conception that it is the Android version of the most popular Snake Game. The threat switches on the GPS of the mobile phones and conveys each and every information related to the user co-ordination to the person responsible for the creation of this threat.

Android.Pjapps :

Android.Pjapps is a fine example of the Trojan coupled with backdoor capabilities, which targets only the Android phone devices or the Android mobile applications. It spreads through the various versions of the lawful applications. The application, known as the Steamy Window, features the Android.Pjapps code. It becomes a hard task to distinguish between the malicious version and the lawful version. However at the time of installation, it becomes easy to recognize the malicious or the wrongful version with the help of its large number of requests  related to permission.

If both these versions are run, they create a steam effect on the screen of the Android phone and it also makes it possible for you to clean it up with the use of  your finger. The primary aim of the Android.Pjapps is to create a botnet, which would be controlled by several Control and Command Servers.

So, be careful, before you download any Android mobile application.

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