Android 4.4 (Kit Kat): It’s a Google Way to Make Cloud Popular?

What Microsoft Thought:

Google may be customer-friendly but Microsoft knows exactly what enterprises want and prepare their cloud-based apps as per the requirement – this is what Michael Atalla, the product marketing director of Microsoft’s cloud-based apps suit, Office 365, has said in a recent interview. He has emphasized that Microsoft’s cloud-based apps may not be popular but they surely are helpful to explore the wide horizon of cloud computing that lies ahead of browser-friendly, consumer centric approach.

Android KitKat 4.4

Consumers First! Google’s Trademark Policy Is Now for Cloud:

Customers first! This has always been Google’s key strategy to popularize a product and then use the popularity as a medium to grab the market. In case of dominating the vast and unexplored domains of cloud computing, it appears that they are following the same line. In today’s business world, enterprise mobility is the key to stay ahead of competitors. Cloud technology, most likely, is the worthy platform that leads to seamless integration of the components of enterprise mobility and brings forth the desired results.

Major Reasons Why Cloud Isn’t Really Happening Yet:

The buzz about Cloud to dominate the future of global industry is around for quite some time but it is not really happening in the same way as per the expectation. While trying to figure out the factors that are barring the wide acceptance of cloud, the followings pop-up most frequently:

  • Security issues
  • Problems with data and file integration
  • Without reliable and constant high speed internet connection things can become non-functional or operational

These three reasons are potent enough to put enterprise owners under the endless dilemma – to opt or not to opt for cloud, despite the case that the results, after choosing the cloud platform, may not be disappointing at all. Naturally, the only option that service providers are left with is proving credibility of this technological platform. The best way to start with the process is to make it popular among consumers, not necessarily enterprise-centric.

Google Uses Android 4.4 as the Tool to Give Cloud a Consumer-friendly Face:

Google, thus, has used the latest android 4.4 (Kit Kat) platform to promote the benefits of cloud computing, while carefully maintaining the balance that it remains a Google smartphone OS and not an essential android cloud platform. Nexus 5, the newest flagship phone of Google, which comes pre-loaded with this OS, differs in many ways from its predecessor, Nexus 4. However, most of the improvements that the Kit Kat powered OS does to the latest phone, are based on the existing features. The four completely new distinguishing aspects that android 4.4 has attributed are:

  • Preloaded Google Drive (a cloud-based online storage system)
  • Tap and Pay
  • Cloud Printing, and
  • LTE support

The Google Drive app was available in Google Play and users had to download it. Making it preloaded simply means that this OS not only makes it more convenient for regular users but also encourages people, who haven’t started using this feature. The two other features, Tap and Pay and Cloud Printing have been introduced with specific attention not only to enhance users’ convenience but also to exhibit the effectiveness and relevance of cloud these days. In addition, to this comes the unique LTE support facility, which will help users accessing high-speed (4G) mobile data connection networks.

After all it’s Real-time Data Sharing that Counts and Cloud Can Make it Happen:

 Cloud Technology

We have discussed how cloud computing has found its potential brand ambassador through Google Glass in the last blog post. There we also discussed how real-time data sharing would become important for businesses in the near future. The special emphasis on this aspect and implement relevant apps in the new android OS clearly shows that Google is actually looking at what lies ahead. The time many not be far when real-time data sharing will receive primary importance from consumers and enterprises alike.  Cloud computing is capable of delivering them with the most constructive solution. However, the first challenge is to take this technological platform out of its niche and make it widely acceptable. Google’s initiative to make this happen by effectively using its own mobile infrastructure (android 4.4) is truly commendable and deserves applause beyond any skepticism.

Image Credit: medithIT on Flickr, CloudTimes.Org

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