Advantage Maketick

OPD Specialists with Product Development Culture

Maketick’s expertise on OPD has helped us achieve a high recognition in the targeted segment. This has enabled Maketick offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients. Emphasis is laid on building an understanding of the client’s requirements. Immense focus is centered on choosing the technologies, on which we perform for every industry type.

We offer our customers OPD services that allow them to curtail Time-To-Market, enhance the standard of their products, decrease risk of failure during the engineering development process, add to the certainty and dependability of the engineering process while assisting them lower their overall Software Product Engineering costs. This has helped Maketick show satisfied clients higher ROI and success rates.

Advantage Maketick

Wide Domain of Value-Added Development Services

Maketick has in place a comprehensive suite of services designed to cover our clients’ specific needs at every stage of the product life cycle. Our services range from research, prototyping, development, testing, consulting services, to installation, support and maintenance.

We have our very own line of value-added products and services including Time-To-Market accelerators and tools that give budding and existing clients a competitive edge. We offer innovative financial plans for these products and services including revenue sharing, performance based and royalty arrangements.

Expertise and Knowledge in Aimed Industry Segments

Maketick is made up of highly efficient teams that understand the industries in which our clients operate. Our highly skilled cross-functional teams have the potential to differentiate, support and promote our core businesses. This helps us harness our experience and tools within the targeted industry type, helping our clients draw a large share of business and add to the efficiency of their operations, no matter what industry they operate in.

Renowned For Well Established Advanced Processes

We have inherited a high expertise while working with the world’s best software product companies. With these skills in place we have successfully introduced customized software processes that are specifically tailored for globally distributed development teams. Our internal process framework (Maketick Standard Software Process) furnishes clients with consistent solutions in very low timeframes enabling them to achieve optimum operating efficiencies and significant cost savings.

Moreover, our rich delivery model is highly scalable. We can easily adapt to the client objectives depending on critical issues such as measurability and security. We firmly believe that our customer-oriented approach and ongoing refinements in our delivery model deliver an important competitive advantage.

Strongly Bonded Relationships with Customers

We enjoy a great reputation amongst our long list of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us over and over again. We have delivered successfully to over 400 corporations, and the number is adding up daily.

Our track record of delivering mission-critical solutions and extensive product development expertise has helped us grow strong relationships with our clients over time. Maketick has had a solid track record of client retention. A significant portion of our revenue comes in from returning clients.

Team of Highly Experienced Professionals

We invest a good deal of time and money regularly towards technical seminars and training sessions organized to keep our teams well advanced with technological advancements and innovations. Our management team is well certified and experienced in the Software Development Cycle industry and has played a very eminent and vital role towards our growth. We are proud to have big time investors from Silicon Valley with us and we have always succeeded to supply them with the most satisfactory end results every single time.